Wednesday, April 27

donna f.

Donna F. | Owner
Donna's Dress Shop
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Service Industry Detour
Donna's Dress Shop is located in a former ballet studio on 39th Street. Sunlight streams through the big glass windows up front, making all the frocks and vintage accessories in her shop glow. As a child, her parents brought her along when they went to estate sales and antique hunting. "That's what my parents did for fun so I've always gone. I've always loved vintage." Donna washes a lot of clothes, does a lot of laundry and watches old movies. She loves sushi, Füd (on Summit) and You Say Tomato. "On my day off I like to sit on my porch (Donna and her husband live upstairs from the shop), read a magazine and watch people. I like to do nothing and relax."

  Make KC Better » I want a walk-up dim sum stand so I can 
 get my  dumplings whenever I want, especially the 
 ones with sesame seeds and red beans inside. 
 Or a dumpling food truck