Thursday, April 26

alberto s.

Alberto S. | Head Barman / Bar Manager
Extra Virgin » Crossroads
Years of Industry Service: 16
Alberto moved to Kansas City when he was 18. He bartended at P.F. Chang's for eight years, been a server and bar manager, but says, "Bartending is definitely the coolest thing I've done work wise." He has been raised in the restaurant business since he was a little kid. He bussed tables at his dad's restaurant in New Jersey and his mom, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a sommelier. However, he doesn't think his parents wanted the service industry life for him, but says it's their fault! With all the fanfare he gets from the local press, Alberto says, "My grandma is really proud of me."

Over the years, with all the great information gleaned from his experience, Alberto said all of sudden, he knew the answers people kept asking. That confidence and knowledge has led him to playing with some fun things behind the bar at Extra Virgin, like infusing Samogon with golden delicious apples, bartlett pears, all spice, berries, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks so he can make a punch. Or barrel-aging rye whiskey for Manhattans and Negronis. He continues to hone his drink-making and service skills by reading cocktail books, experimenting with infusions and barrel-aging, and working with all the fresh, seasonal ingredients that he gets to rifle through at Extra Virgin. There's always something fun and delicious going on.

When he's not playing mad scientist with his cocktails, he's playing video games and watching movies. Plus he reads a lot, autobiographies, some Eastern philosophy and of course, cocktail recipe books. 

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Sandy a la Mode said...

i love extra virgin!! the food is amazing there!