Friday, October 11

Ren Fest

Kansas City, Kansas
One of the most visually interesting festivals Kansas City offers is the Renaissance Festival. The costumes are truly a work of art. You can see and feel the passion for historical accuracy of the costumes and for the festival itself. My favorite thing about Ren Fest (and this is no surprise) are the turkey legs. I've got a one track mind and it's mostly food.

Every weekend, there's a different theme for the festival. This is the last weekend to attend and the theme is Oktoberfest for the dates of October 12 & 13. There will be a Farmer's Market,Trick-or-Treating, a Fairy House Auction, Craft Beer and Wine Tastings, a Costume Contest, an Eating Contest and the Renaissance Romance Contest. The final day is actually Monday, October 14.

If you find time, try to squeeze a bit of the past into your year. Tickets are $19.95 at the gate and $16.95 in advance. Plus there's free parking! Click here for map and directions.