Thursday, May 24

hot, hot, hot!

Where are we?
Where can you get an awesome collection of piano hot sauces?
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Everyone got this one right! It is indeed the piano inside YJ's in the Crossroads. Annie from You Say Tomato responded first and we'll finally be dropping off a gift for her, $10 to BRGR!

Friday, May 18

kate b.

Kate B. | Manager/Trainer
Years of Industry Service: 14
Parisi Café opened inside Union Station last August and Kate has been there since the beginning to help with the opening and with training. She didn't know what to expect and says it's way different than a retail setting. Business is unpredictable, depending on special events, train travelers and business traffic. "I like being here," Kate said. "I've always adored this building."

Before Kate joined the Parisi family, she managed Latté Land, working mostly on the Plaza. For the past five years, she has also judged regional barista competitions but has never competed. She is a barista advocate and being in the business, knows exactly what they're going through. When she's not working in a coffee shop, Kate reads, drinks beer and eats good food. She loves Fred P. Ott's, Westport Cafe, Waldo Pizza, Eden Alley and Thai food.

  Make KC Better » I still thing we have a long way
to go establishing food culture, especially vegetarian,
there are not a lot of places