Tuesday, April 23

Farm Fresh

Weston, Missouri 
I took a friend up to Weston, Missouri last weekend because she's never been to visit before. I was going on and on about Weston Red Barn Farm and how great it was for families like hers with young children. They have a free petting zoo, hay rides, farm fresh eggs, pumpkins, apples, the whole spiel. Every visit for me has been so much fun. I'm very much not a country girl but am slowly and surely learning some country ways. (Like making small talk).

When we stopped by that day, they weren't open for the season yet. A very nice lady came out to see if we needed any help, and we told her we were just poking around as I pointed out all the cool stuff. Before we left, she asked if we liked farm fresh eggs. Answer: heck yeah! She ran into the house, grabbed us two cartons of beautiful eggs and opened up the store to ring us up. She handed us fliers, invited us to like their facebook page and follow the farm on Pinterest. We eventually left very happy and couldn't stop raving about how nice she was when we were interrupting her day. Warm and inviting hospitality? Check. And she even thought to plug their social media. Now that's good business. FYI – Weston Red Barn Farm opens for the season on Memorial Day. 

Peek Into Kris & Kate's

St. Joseph, Missouri
On a recent antiquing and thrifting trip to St. Joe, we ran across this walk-up/drive-through ice cream shop. The truth is we weren't paying attention and drove right past the street where we should have turned. I looked up from my magazine and said, "Hey, we're going the wrong way, I don't recognize any of this." Then I said, "WOW, check out that giant ice cream cone. STOOOOOOP!"

The day was slightly overcast and chilly yet there was a steady stream of customers while we were there. It isn't exactly ice cream weather, but who can resist when the building is so pink and cute? There's a playhouse, sand volleyball court, picnic table and more seating to the back of Kris & Kate's. I have a feeling this place is crawling with kids and families when the summer heat and humidity kick into gear.

If you're ever in St. Joe and heading there from Kansas City, take exit 47 from I-29. You'll be on Frederick. Take a right on Belt Street and you'll see it on your left. Hope you run into it sometime too!

Photos by Linh Trieu