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jeanne r.

Jeanne R. | Housekeeper/Organizer
Serenity Now!
Service Industry Detour
Disclaimer: This is not what Jeanne wears when she's cleaning,
but she does get all glammed up like this to entertain.

Jeanne Rohner may have grown up in the Midwest, but says she was raised to have "Southern manners, ways and appetite." Whether it's cooking a meal, setting a proper table or getting dressed for dinner, Jeanne was taught a "proper" way of doing things. That meant the table was never set with jam jars or cracker boxes and especially not cookware, particularly when you're having guests over for a dinner party. "There was always a special tray or container that made even a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich elegant and special," she said. "A party is no place for sweat clothes, sleeveless t-shirts or paper plates and plastic sparks. The simple extra effort of putting on nice clothes and using real china is worth it."

That philosophy and mindfulness of etiquette is what makes Jeanne so good at her job. Although she is not technically on the restaurant side of the service industry any more, she still coordinates private, catered parties and makes sure everything runs smoothly, just like she did when she was hostessing. In addition coordinating events, Jeanne's business also includes organizing and housekeeping.

"From a young age, I watched my grandmothers cook, entertain, and take pride in their abilities as a hostess," she said. She likes the traditions of the past, when women were skilled in the home. "I consider myself a modern day housewife." Albeit, a housewife who is independent and runs her own thriving business.

Before Jeanne started Serenity Now!, she worked for an automotive shop while hostessing on weekends at her first and only restaurant job, La Bodega on Southwest Boulevard. She said she picked up this part-time job because "the children were needing dental work. Then I stayed for five years because I loved it." 

Learning is something Jeanne continues to do all the time. If you don't know how to set a proper table, learn how. She asks for help when she needs it, whether it's having her children lend a hand with the dishes or calling a friend to help bake a cake. Over the years, she has found out that you can never have too much food or too much ice. Coordinating special events is very stressful. Even though she loves to entertain and throws her own parties often, making sure that someone else's special event goes perfectly is another story. "Someone's happiness depends on your performance and that is a big deal," she says.

To make sure her events go off without a hitch, Jeanne actually keeps a running checklist as a way to stay organized and to remind herself of the basics. Some things have become second nature: keeping things simple, preparing as much ahead as possible, cleaning as she goes, and giving herself enough time to relax so she can enjoy time with her guests. "It doesn't have to be perfect," she says. "What fails is just a learning tool. The point is to be together and laugh and create memories and traditions."

To contact Jeanne, send us a message and we'll pass it on.

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Katie Krammer said...

Thanks for doing such a lovely piece on such a lovely friend. Jeanne is truly talented and a tremendous treasure that I am glad to know. You captured her well.

winedoofus said...

Don't know Jeanne (but do know transitional Craig) and feel like you must have captured her at a pinpoint of time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Lady...Wish I could be more like her!!!!