Monday, August 29

tomato water

Tomato Water Martini
The first time I tasted tomato water, I was sitting at Pachamamas Star Bar in Lawrence, Kansas. It was a clear with a hint of yellow, not at all what I expected when I thought of your average red tomato. Since then, I've tried to replicate it and have tried it whenever and wherever it's available. Recently, Vann at Bluestem made a Gazpacho Martini for me. After dinner and catching up at Pot Pie with old neighbors, we popped on next door for a quick après drink. With only a couple short weeks left for tomatoes, this delicious cocktail will be off the menu soon. This photo is of the Tomato Water Martini at Pachamamas. When we interviewed chef Ken Baker and shared my drink-changing experience with this cocktail, he brought some out from the kitchen so the bartender could whip something up for me. In Kansas City, you must, must go to Bluestem before it's all gone. Theirs had such beautiful, complex flavors that I seriously want to drink it without any vodka in it at all. But I think they call it a soup when that happens.