Friday, August 19

GKCBC Program

Don't forget about The Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition this Sunday, August 21st at The Uptown Theater. The Employee Lounge will be there, hanging out at the photo booth with stand-in photographer Elizabeth Cook (thanks Beth!). I designed this year's program and this is just a little peak at what you have in store for you. Lots and lots of fun stuff going on, including a name change for next year's competition. Thank you to the talented bartenders who continue making cocktail culture vibrant in Kansas City (and beyond), to the sponsors who have been involved this year and a big pat on the back to Ryan Maybee, Beau Williams and Brandon Cummins for all the hard work they do to put this event together. See you out there, hopefully with a delicious drink in your hand!


Foodieworld said...

I'm still bummed I have to work on Sunday and will miss it. But I have tried several of the contestants cocktails.