Monday, August 15


Margot | Server
Years of Industry Service: 10
This was Margot's very first day at Grinders and that is not her apron. Margot doesn't wear a lot of color, but as part of her uniform, it's an improvement on what she used to wear to work, a white tuxedo shirt with a bow tie. "As trivial as it sounds," she says. "I am excited to wear whatever I want." For her first service industry job, Margot was a fountain girl at Winstead's. She recently came from Garozzo's where she was the head bartender. She said, "I love bartending. I love taking care of people. I love showing people a good time. But it was a very formal atmosphere. This venue suits my personality a lot better."

When Margot isn't working, she likes to cook, she loves having people over and entertaining. Margot is a vegetarian, so there's cheese, fondue, veggies, latkes and a lot of wine involved. Lately, she's been having a "bit of a problem" with on-line shopping, especially shoe shopping.

  Make KC Better » As a non-driver, easier access to mass transit. 
 It would be nice if the bus ran 24 hours a day