Tuesday, August 23

steve z.

Steve Z. | Owner/Baker
Years of Industry Service: 18-20
For the last year and half, Steve and fiancée Janet have been working 17-hour days, baking and operating the wildly popular Bloom, the little bread shop they started because there was a need for a by-scratch bakery in Kansas City. Of course, they have more than just bread, beautiful cakes and pastries entice you from the glass cases too. Steve says, "Everyone assumes that everything in a bakery is sweet. We wanted people to have a choice when they walk into the bakery." Steve sits outside his shop every day of the week (except Monday and Tuesday) handing out samples and educating customers about his goods because "no one knows what the product tastes like unless you taste it." On Mondays they are closed and on Tuesdays, it's just him and Janet in the bakery.

When asked about what he did in his free time, Steve said, "Have you ever worked in a bakery? It's all we ever do is work." That said, Steve and Janet both love to cook. Before he started his own business, he was the general manager of Brancato's Catering. He's also worked at the Intercontinental Hotel and in banquets in New York City for Donald Trump. Born and raised in Kansas City, Steve has lived and traveled all over the country for work. Now, he works in the City Market where "there's still a lot of history and you get to know people. That's what makes it nice."

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Megan Spilker said...

I see him out there several times a week while I'm lunching at City Market but I didn't know he was the owner.

Steve & Janet... keep making those fabulous almond croissants and French macarons.