Tuesday, August 16

eating in the burbs!

Prairie Village, Kansas // Corinth Square
This corner restaurant in Corinth is nice and sleek. You order food at the counter, but the whole drink side and who your server is/could be was more confusing. So I ordered Local Bucha not realizing there was a bar, thus my self-concocted afternoon cocktail, and the fact that I spent more on drinks than food.

--- {1+2} ---
Local Bucha, $6(?) + Vodka on the Rocks, $8
Strawberry Lavender Kombucha spiked with vodka, of course. My own mixture.

--- {3} ---
Watermelon Gazpacho Soup with a BLTA, $8
avocado, bacon, romaine, tomato, truffled mayo, nine-grain bread