Thursday, August 18

mati mat

Mati Mat | Server
Years of Industry Service: 10
Matt, Mati Mat as he likes to be known for Google search, is the only male server at  Grinders, the rest of the guys work the line, but Matt, he's up front with the ladies. Outside of his service industry job, Matt is very involved in the arts. "I run an art gallery, have a couple of CDS out, write poems, do photography," he says. "Everything I do has its own subculture." Matt first pursued music, but the only reason he got into music was to write. He plays with fellow musician Billy Beale, who taught him how to play the guitar, song writing and how to perform. His new favorite phrase, a Mati-Mat-ism, is: the better you look, the more you see.

Matt is a Virgo.
In the top image, Matt was photographed with a customers visiting from Iowa. Grinders was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Every time the show runs, they get a whole new group of customers from all over the country, and even Canada, stopping in for a look-see.

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