Monday, August 15

reading reptile

Kansas City, Missouri » Brookside
Have you ever walked into a place where you feel magically transported to another wonderful world? That's how you'll feel when walk through the doors of the Reading Reptile. The shop is filled with paper mache children's book characters that will blow your mind. There were a million things to look at, from the little dioramas on the bookshelves to the vintage toys and desks around the shop. They have a cabinet of curiosities filled with trinkets that in a young child's mind are absolute treasures, dragon's tears, medals, nice rocks, tinkly bells and random drawers labeled Surprise! 3 for 10¢. Although it's been around for years, this wasn't a bookstore I frequented (since I don't own any children). But once I walked through the gaping mouth that is their front door, I didn't want to leave. It was such an inspirational and creative space. Best. Bookstore. Ever.

You can read more about their story here or here. Cindy Hoedel at The Kansas City Star wrote a great article about their shop back in can check it out here. Happy Reading!