Wednesday, August 24

Say Cheese!

Ryan asked us to help out with the "photo booth" and you know what you say to your friends when they ask you for crazy shit at the last minute, "Sure, why not!" 'Cause we're cool like that. I called my friend Beth (she has lights, a tripod AND a camera with flash) because Tina already had a previous event. The only sign we had was a sketch I did on a cocktail napkin. I taped it to the door and hoped for the best. Even though everyone mostly wanted to drink, we had fun playing around at our makeshift photo booth on the steps at the entry of The Uptown. When we got bored, I took all the cucumbers they were using for decorations and turned them into the stars of the photo shoot. That got people back into our booth real fast. Beth and I took lots and lots of pictures of ourselves too. But we won't make you suffer through too many of those. 

These are my favorite pics from the bartending competition. You can see the rest on our facebook page. Thanks to Demun Oyster Bar for RIDING OUR ASSES about the photos or else we would have never gotten them done. Seriously though, thank you!!! Beth edited all the photos and I added a fake Instagram look and our watermark to all these images. You can do the same to your photos if you check out this free Photoshop action that Tina found here. It was so, so great meeting all of you at the event, especially Brian A. and Megan S. who are our readers and who I finally got to meet. 

Until we meet the next time!