Monday, August 15

Congrats David!

July Employee of the Month
Thanks to the very digitally-connected employees this month, we had nearly 2,000 page views during Employee of the Month week. Isn't that crazy?! This month's poll started out fairly even, but soon David and Beau zoomed past the competition. They were going back and forth for the lead with some good-natured ribbing on facebook about cheating and whatnot, but David prevailed. He did say he had some tricks up his sleeve. Soooo, what are your secrets?

David, you're going to have to drag yourself away from writing and the computer and take your girlfriend out to some nice dinners. Thanks to Matt, Celina, Andrew and John, David will be receiving four $25 gift certificates, one from each of the following restaurants:
715 // Thanks Matt & Michael!
Starker's // Thanks John!


David said...

No secret here. I am incredibly fortunate to have a tremendous network of family and friends who worked very hard to get the word out and send people to the site. There is absolutely no way I could have done it without them. All the credit goes to the people who worked diligently on my behalf to get the word out.

I owe a huge thank you to my sister Lisa, Aunt B, Tamra, BW at Blanc, Senor Esparza, the crew of the fish prison, the staff of The Majestic, Henry Hornet, and a hungry girlfriend with two serving gigs who really wanted those gift certificates.