Thursday, August 4

dustin h.

Dustin H. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 15
Dustin is Mexican, Italian, German and Irish, and quarter of each. He went to school for civil engineering, but realized he didn't want to sit behind a desk. "I was more a of a people person than I realized at the time," he said. Fifteen years after he started bussing tables at the Jalapenos in Stanley, Kansas, he is still in the service industry, but now he's behind the bar. With a one year-old-son and a wife who stays at home to take care of their family (she was formerly a 2nd grade teacher), Dustin says of his job, "I'm here all the time time it feels like."

When Dustin and his wife got married in Lake Tahoe three years ago, they went on one of the best vacations. He said Tahoe was beautiful, with mountains and a body of water that felt like an ocean. And the weather was perfect. They rented a house for a week during their wedding and then traveled north to explore the Pacific Northwest for their honeymoon, all the way up to Seattle.

If Dustin wasn't a bartender, he thinks he would like to be a radio dj. "I've got a buddy who works in radio," he says. "and when I listen to him, I think I would love to do that."

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