Friday, August 19

Friday Fun Day

by Tina Magee-Jenks
Taken with a Polaroid SX70, edited in Photoshop
by Linh Trieu
Made with takeout chopsticks, bakers twine, scrap fabric and hot glue,
All materials found around the house. Mobile is now hanging in my apple tree.
It's Friday Fun Day again. How does another week fly by so fast?! At the end of each week, we'll be posting art that goes with a chosen theme. You're all invited to play along. This is your chance to make something, to be creative and to play. So make it, then photograph or scan it in and send us a jpeg of your art to You choose the medium, there's no deadline, we'll keep adding images as you send them in. And don't forget to tell us a little bit about your piece. If you're a blogger, send us your link. 

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