Thursday, August 11

zach t.

Zach T. | Sous Chef
Years of Industry Service: 13
Zach wears a pencil behind his ear when he works because "I'm kind of forgetful," he says. He takes lots of notes all the time, produce he has to order, everything has to be written down before it flies away. Zach worked for Chef Mike before, at another restaurant in Lawrence, for about four years. When Mike left, Zach stayed for a while, but soon, he walked away too, and he went straight back to his old boss. Unfortunately, there wasn't a spot available. Not right away anyways. Eventually, he got in and he started with three shifts a week and now he works about 65 hours a week.

Zach was butchering a saddle of lamb, the most difficult cut of meat he's ever worked on because it was only the second time he's ever done it. Working at 715, a smaller restaurant than where he came from, there's more time to work on and learn new things while having the freedom to be more specialized and creative. Zach would much prefer to work for someone, he doesn't have grand plans to open his own restaurant. "Investing your own money is a big deal." Now he works with a group of decent people, not a "cocksucker," and that makes coming to work all the much easier. To which he says, "Mom, you taught me how to swear like that." 

Zach is 27 and single. You can read between the lines about what he does with his free time. 

  Make KC/Lawrence Better » Zach loves both cities, but he wants KC to be more concentrated and for Lawrence to be just a little big bigger


bankmeister said...

Clearly he was talking about the president of KCHopps.

Linh + Tina said...

@bankmeister - Actually, he wasn't and although we posted your comment today, we try to play nice over here at the Lounge. Readers, please be thoughtful and considerate of others in our forum. Thank you!

Foodieworld said...

Need to make the drive to Lawrence soon for 715. I think they are one of the best places to eat in KS and the KC Metro area.