Wednesday, August 10

the perfect lunch

Kansas City, Missouri // Westport
Pot Pie is one of my most favorite restaurants in Kansas City even though I don't get down there as often as I'd like. Tina and I were there right before dinner, but looking at the pictures this morning, this looks like my ideal lunch. A big, welcoming bowl of steaming hot goodness and a cocktail. 

--- {1} ---
Man of War, $6-ish (I think)
Victor was serving that day, but he was behind the bar when we came in. He asked if I knew what I wanted or if I was open to trying whatever he made. You should always be open to trying new things. Then, he asked about the flavors I preferred and moments later, a perfectly un-sweet, not too tart drink landed in my hands. 
Knob Creek Bourbon, lime juice, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, splash of bitters, cherry

--- {2} ---
Pot Pie, $8 at lunch/$12 at dinner
Since I had a late lunch, Tina was the one devouring the pot pie. All I know was that the crust
was beautifully golden and it smelled like heaven. Two options: chicken or beef.