Tuesday, August 16


Andrew F. | Manager
Years of Industry Service: 14
Andrew moved to Kansas City seven years ago from Springfield, Missouri and like several other employees we've had on the blog, he also started his service industry career at 75th Street Brewery in Waldo, saying, "We had a blast back then." He was going to school for communications and marketing and worked at The Pitch for a couple of years. "For someone who's not from Kansas City," he said the job, "helped me connect the dots. I miss all the free concert tickets." Wolfmother at the Beaumont Club and Band of Horses at the Uptown Theater are a few of the best shows he saw. Now, he's back in the service industry, working 70-hour weeks, nights and weekends. "I'm the new guy. I have to close the most."

Andrew says this is the most "relentless" job he's ever work. The restaurant is consistently busy and their customers are consistent about dining early too. When he's not working, Andrew, who is newly single, plays tennis and works on his golf game. He's also a big fan of going to the lake and drinking good wine and beer on patios. "I'm a pretty straight-forward guy."

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