Tuesday, August 2

lindsay w.

Lindsay W. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 2
Lindsay, a natural ginger, doesn't remember when her hair wasn't big. "It's always big," she says, except if it's recently been washed. A former Kansas Citian, Lindsay attended and graduated from The University of Kansas and has lived in Lawrence for the last eight years. She says, "I love living here, it's a fun, little town."

When Lindsay turned 21, her friend told her she needed to be a bartender. Without any experience, it was tough getting behind the bar in Lawrence, so she headed to Topeka to get her foot in the door. She took a break from bartending after she had her baby, but now she's back, drawing in customers into corner bar Esquina with her big, colorful hair, equally colorful tattoos and beautiful smile.

In addition to bartending, Lindsay has a day job at Arizona Trading Company, a vintage and clothing consignment shop that started in Lawrence and for several years now, has had a second location in Westport. For the last year, Lindsay has also been part of burlesque group, Foxy by Proxy. A self-taught dancer, she says, "I've always loved dancing and being silly." For Lindsay, it's fun being on stage and being in character. "It's kind of like bartending, putting on a show." Her best job, however, is being a  mom. "That's my favorite out of all of them," she says, "it's not a job, it's the funnest thing ever."

Lindsay also enjoys crafting, making her own costumes, jewelry and hair pieces. Her tattoos are by local artist Carlos Ransom and by Andrew Milko who owns Liquid Courage in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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