Tuesday, August 2

Eating on Mass

Lawrence, Kansas
Tina and I finally got a chance to head to Lawrence last Friday. Neither of us had lunch before we arrived in the late afternoon, and we were starving. Even though it was hot outside, the weather was cooler than it has been lately so we sat on the patio. There was a nice breeze and we had the perfect seats for people watching. Partner and General Manager, Matt Hyde, sent out some cured meats and cheeses while Chef/Owner Michael Beard wanted us to try his fried chicken livers (fantastic livers, unfortunately we didn't get a picture of those). Tina was too scared to try them, but shhhhh, don't tell her I told you guys.

--- {1} ---
Basil Rickey, $7
Cucumber-infused gin, fresh basil, lime, sugar, served in a mason jar.

--- {2} ---
Cheese, 3 for $11.50
From left to right: Car Valley Cheese "Virgin-Pine Native Sheep",
Sweet Grass Dairy "Green Hill", Meadowcreek Dairy "Grayson"

--- {3+4} ---
American Artisanal Ham, $3 for $13.00
La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa, La Quercia Green Label Organic Prosciutto,
S. Wallace Edwards & Sons "Surryano" Dry-Cured Smoked Ham.
I loved cured meats, and this was probably my favorite.

--- {5} ---
Cup of Cauliflower Soup
They have a weekday lunch special where you can choose a sandwich,
pasta or panini for $7.15. It comes with your choice of soup or salad.
This soup was ordered with the Sausage Pizza.

--- {6} ---
Ham & Cheese Sandwich, $6
House-cured duroc ham with stracchino cheese.

--- {7} ---
Heirloom Tomato BLT with pickled Vegetables.
This was on special, can't remember the price, but I love, love, love tomatoes,
especially heirloom tomatoes in the summertime.

--- {8} ---
Sausage Pizza, $7.15
Housemade sausage with stracchino cheese.
*Full disclosure: 715 bought us appetizers. They knew we were coming up and they were super, super nice.
It was A TON of food though, especially after we ordered our own lunches as well. Lots of boxes and leftovers!


Linh + Tina said...

you're sneaky linh. ;)

Megan Stuke said...

Your photographs are gorgeous. 715 is one of my Lawrence favorites. :)

Foodieworld said...

I think they are one of the best restaurants in the KC metro area. And you should always try anything that 715 puts on your plate, especially if it comes from the meat group!

elsie said...

Looks so yummy! Great photos! Thank you for the sweet comment!
xo, Elsie

Linh + Tina said...

aw, thanks for stopping by Elsie!