Wednesday, August 31

STL Cocktail

St. Louis, Missouri » Central West End
I went on a little road trip this weekend and stopped overnight in St. Louis. Since we had three bartenders from STL in the Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition, it was easy to find a place we could stop in for a good drink. We're sorry we missed Chad from DeMun Oyster Bar though. It was harder to get out of town on time than we thought!

We tried three drinks at Taste Thursday night: Beachfire, Goodfella Flip and the Ab-Duck-Tion. All cocktails on their menu are $10. Just like at Manifesto, each drink is shown with icons of what kind of glass it is served in and how it's prepared. The Ab-Duck-Tion was our hands-down favorite, it was rich, creamy and tasted like ice cream. I loved how it looked like a fried egg in a glass. According to barman and beverage director Ted Kilgore, it's the third best-selling cocktail at Taste. There's a great patio out there too.

--- {Ab-Duck-Tion} ---
Duck Fat Infused Grand Marnier, Domaine de Canton Ginger,
Lemon, Mascarpone, Pepper, Lavender Bitters, Absinthe

Photo by Linh Trieu


Kate O. said...

DUCK FAT INFUSED GRAND MARNIER?? Holy Moses, I need that cocktail!