Thursday, June 23

restaurant graphics: Manifesto

Manifesto by Fresh Fish Creative
Kansas City, Kansas
Art Direction, Design & Copy: Linh Trieu
The logo is Aviano and Carpe Diem Initials. For the menu, I used Love Letter Typewriter, Trade Gothic, Poplar, Playbill, Stud and P22 Underground. I used a lot of different fonts to achieve a letterpress style effect. The cocktail menu has gotten larger so a lot of the illustrative elements, which inlcuded some of the fonts, are now set aside.

Originally, the entire menu was supposed to be dark with white copy, but due to ease of printing, costs and time, I went with a 100# Classic Linen Natural White. It was a nice creamy color for that classic feel with just enough texture to not be too flat. The entire menu was printed in one color ink, black. The space is very dark at night and in the end, the natural white paper ended up being a better choice.

The checkout slip found in old library books was the inspiration for the menu layout. Drinks are broken down into categories and icons give visual information about how each cocktail is prepared and what kind of glass it is served in. Ryan and his staff provided drink names and ingredients as well as the rules on the back of the menu. I was responsible for the remainder of the copy. Since the bar concept was a modern day speakeasy, I thought simple calling cards would be better than a detailed business card. The copy on the card speaks to the Prohibition era. Only the phone number and initial M were on the card.

Ryan worked with another designer for the art leading down to the bar. Similar style fonts are used
and the bald guy in the Mind Your Head poster is an investor.


Anonymous said...

Linh - that's some real nice work. Manifesto got the best. Well done indeed.

The DLC said...

Ahh, the library checkout slip. I knew there was a reason I liked the menu so much. Nice work.