Wednesday, June 29

tea time?

Where are we?
Manhood & FemaleJoy. Where did we find these teas?
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Another blogger meltdown this morning, but we're not going to let that
stop us. This is what you call a workaround! Give us your best guess.
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David Hayden is this week's winner! You can probably find these exact teas or ones very similar at any number of the Asian markets in Kansas City, but we were at Chinatown Market in the River Market. There were a ton of other hilarious teas too, you can check them out for yourself in Aisle 2.


Kat said...

Asian Market!

Megan Spilker said...

Phoenix Tea on Main Street

David said...

The instant chai bubble tea in the large brown bag is very good (although it does not have boba in it).