Thursday, June 16

aaron c.

Aaron. | Server
Years of Industry Service: 8
Aaron's first job was at Cafe Luciano in Chicago and it was hard because he wasn't very good at it. "I had to basically lie myself into it." Although they had figured him out, Aaron got to stick around and get better at his job, so much better he even ended up managing there. For years, Aaron left Kansas City, traveling and living in Ireland, Tuscon and Chicago. He finally returned to KC four years ago. "Everything was different," he said. "Everything changed." His first job when he came back was at the Hereford House. "I worked lunches with five crazy women who hated my guts." Why? Because he was acting all tough after having lived in Chicago. He quickly figured out, "you can't act like that here."

In his free time, Aaron reads Stephen King; the Dark Tower Series is his favorite. He also hangs out with his girlfriend doing restaurant stuff, cocktails, social events and seeing service industry friends. "We like to support our friends because they support us."

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