Friday, June 3

emily b.

Emily B. | Coffee Manager & Snow Cone Maker
Years of Industry Service: 8
Emily is a manager at Westport caffeine-stop Filling Station Coffee, but for two days every week, she moonlights on the other side of the temperature spectrum, making icy cold, all-natural snow cones. That means working doubles on those days, but Emily says "it's worth it because it's so much fun." Emily met  Fresher than Fresh owner, Lindsay Laricks, at her day job and basically begged for a job every chance she got. "Do you have a job for me? Do you have a job for me? My annoying persistence finally landed me the job," she said. In addition to her service industry career, Emily also sells on ebay and Craigslist. She recently added a King Charles Cavalier puppy to her family and in her free time she hits up as many happy hours as possible. Her favorite spots are La Bodega on the Boulevard, the Bulldog and El Patron. Coffee. Snow Cones. Beer. Puppy. That's her life. We like it.
Emily was photographed in the Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones trailer at the Waldo Farmer's Market.

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bellananda said...

how adorable are you, miss e! :)