Tuesday, June 28

Sweet Treats on the Go

Kansas City, Missouri
I so love the pastry counter at Cafe Europa. Their cupcakes are huge and their pies small. How cute is that? I would happily marry pastry chef Anna Morrow so I could eat her desserts every day. Tina got the Coconut Cupcake and Key Lime Tarte. She and husband Chris took them to Shakespeare in the Park for one of their romantic wedding anniversary dates. Mine went into the fridge and the whole thing disappeared. Never got to taste it. Not a crumb was left behind nor a bite saved. My roommate gobbled it all up and did not leave a single trace of evidence. 

--- {1} ---
Blackberry Mini Pie, $5.50

--- {2} ---
Chocolate Coconut Cupcake, $3

--- {3} ---
Key Lime Tarte, $5.50


Lil Bun said...

George is your roommate? Hmmm......I kinda like that. i'm going tpo start calling Bun my roommate!!!