Tuesday, June 14

surprise treats!

Last week, when it was hot and humid with temperatures around 100°F, we decided to play a little game: buy yummy frozen treats and surprise unsuspecting employees at their jobs. It was so hot, the trick was getting to our recipients before everything became a gooey, sweet mess. We weren't going into any businesses where food and drink were readily available either. It was one of the most fun days we've had working on The Employee Lounge. What an incredible feeling, making people happy. We didn't ask for names, just a quick snapshot of them and their treats.

--- {1} ---
Treat: Small ice cream from Glacé, blackberry chocolate chip and mango passion fruit.
Hand-Off: To the kid at the dry cleaners next door.

--- {2} ---
Treat: Frozen mango lassi bubble tea from Tea Drops in Westport.
Hand-Off: To a paid fundraiser who has to work outside all day talking to strangers and trying to get money from them....all in the name of a good cause, of course.

--- {3} ---
Treat: Peachwave self-serve frozen yogurt, vanilla and chocolate yogurt topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter cups, crushed Heath bar, a triangle of waffle cone and drizzled with caramel sauce.
Hand-Off: We ran across Broadway, past a security guard who was trying to chit chat, our yogurt was melting quick. Then across Wesport Road to the employee watching the shop at Bon Bon Atelier, a super cute gift boutique with lots of great fabric for crafters.