Thursday, June 16

restaurant graphics: murray's ice cream

Kansas City, Missouri
Everything at Murray's Ice Cream is handmade: the ice cream, the waffle cones, the cookies, and the fonts. There is a delightful array of hand-painted and hand-drawn signage that starts from the bottom steps of Californo's deck all the way up to the benches brightly painted with monster characters, ice creams cones and sunshine at Murray's front door. No two fonts are alike on anything and absolutely nothing matches except the consistently bright and varied colors. Little toys are part of the decor too, at the bottom of the Murray's painted rainbow and scattered in between the waffle cones. The result is fun and charming, exactly as an ice cream shop should be. 

Unfortunately, what we are guessing is their logo (on their neon sign and packaging), is a slanted sans serif font that lacks the character, personality and color which burst from all the other elements at Murray's. Definitely a case of "a logo is not a brand."


Bob Ingle said...

LUVit!...R U still there Sunny?

Anonymous said...

Murray’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar, has been around since 1984, 26 years is a lot! I must say Murray is a wonderful lady, she works Wednesday-Sunday at Murray’s with no breaks from 11:20 A.M.-12 P.M. She is quiet the person once you get trade off a conversation. I might also add she is turning 50 soon. Murray has the pleasure of having all walks of life from her soda-jerk staff. Murray always makes the ice cream but she also has the soda jerks for backup on tasking the flavors into making them perfection for all the customers bidding. Murray’s Ice Cream is always looking to fine tune flavors and to bring that signature creamy substances to the taste buds that is very distinct from any other ice cream in the land. There is a lot of pride and joy that goes into anything at Murray’s establishment from soda drinks, cookies, coffee, and the favor selections of all ice cream. Remember Murray’s will guaranty in having such flavors all the time in the dipping cabinet, One Drunk Monk (at the first of every month), vanilla, chocolate, sorba, Chocolate Flake Fromage, fruity flavor, and anything after that is carefully selected from the back to be put out to compliment one ice cream to the next.