Friday, June 17

jennifer r.

Jennifer R. | Editor
Service Industry Detour
Jennifer and Gordon started Tastebud because "food is so much a part of your local identity." Her goal for the magazine is for it to be hands on and helpful. She's surprised that a lot of people don't have confidence when it comes to food. "Most people are nice and want to help. There's always good advice that people are willing to share for free." When they started the magazine, their girls were seven and ten-years-old. She said there were days she wanted to roll up the window and drive away. "It was tough." But now her girls are older and things have gotten a bit easier, but time is still a precious commodity. "I wish I had time to cook more. I wish I had more time to garden." She belongs to a book club, the same one she's been in for 20 years. And she knits. "Very simple things. I can knit a triangle. That's it."

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i love this lady