Wednesday, June 1

rita a.

Rita A. | Bartender/Server
Years of Industry Service: 29
Rita, a former bartender at the now long-gone The Hurricane in Westport, affectionately joked, "I spent my youth and beauty at that dump." After nearly three decades in the service industry where she has worked most of the Broadway corridor, she says, "You don't do this forever and not know everyone in town." A self-proclaimed dive bar girl, Rita's favorites are Chez Charlie and the Six Ten in KCK.

Rita does not know her background since she is adopted, but said "I was raised by Sicilians and you can't shake that." Rita is a mother and a grandmother, however, she's not like any parental figure I've ever known. Tattooed, always stylish and that day, hung over from a Lucinda Williams concert where she danced the night away in the rain, Rita surprises you at every turn.

She likes antique and vintage things. She adores horses, especially horse races and hosts a Kentucky Derby party every year. Big, outrageous hats are the standard along with really great food and lots of drink. "There's a lot of carrying-on and silliness. It's fun," she says. She loves to garden, but mainly pretty things like flowers and herbs. And she's a total Luddite; most likely, Rita will not see this post unless someone prints her a hard copy.

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