Wednesday, June 15

jessie c.

Jessie C. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 18
Jessie has been working at The Peanut for twelve of the eighteen years she has been in the service industry, starting at the Overland Park location and now mostly on Main and downtown. When she's not working, she likes to do a whole lot of nothing. "I basically work and go on vacation." Her next trip will be to Chicago to see U2 in concert. Jessie has a mild crush on lead singer Bono, and by mild crush, she means, "I would do anything he asks me to." Her concert date is a friend she made bonding over Bono. That day, Jessie and Chell, her regular customer and friend were having one of their U2 days at the Peanut. See where this is going? Jessie kinda likes Bono.

  Make KC Better » I hate the humidity. I hate it when it gets over 80°F. They could probably bring an H&M here.