Thursday, June 30

chell n.

Chell N. | Server
Years of Industry Service: 25
For the last ten years, Chell was a manager at a corporate restaurant. She recently quit that career path because "it was sucking the soul out of me." Now she's serving and back in school. A student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City as a creative writing major, Chell is getting her PhD so she can teach poetry. She's kept a journal ever since she can remember, her grandmother gave Chell her first diary when she was five-years-old. "I have a thousand journals that I've written in over the years." She likes spiral bound journals with pretty covers. The paper can be lined or unlined because she writes and sketches a little bit too.

Chell likens working for independent restaurants to being in "velvet handcuffs" because of the lack of health insurance. "You're out their on your own and have to figure it out for yourself." But restaurant service also gives her the freedom to pursue new dreams. Chell lives close to work and her regular bar, The Peanut, where she was spending the afternoon with bartender and friend Jessie. She has lived in a lot of different cities and thinks that everyone, including in Kansas City, is really pretty nice. 

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