Thursday, June 23

jessie a.

 Jessie A. | Fashion Stylist/Blogger
Service Industry Detour
Jessie was seeing so much great style in Kansas City she started a fashion blog to document it. What started as a hobby while she had her corporate job became a career change when readers started contacting her for help and advice. Now, she's busier than ever working for herself as a style consultant and blogging full time. Her blog originally focused on street style but has morphed into her own daily outfit posts, although she tries to incorporate a little bit of both. "I have more interaction when I post my own outfits." Frequent travel is part of her job; recent trips have taken her to New York City for Fashion Week, Austin, Texas for the SXSW® conference, and Arizona and San Diego where she has clients.

Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and by way of San Diego, Jessie moved to Kansas City with her husband in 2007 so he could go to grad school. Although they like Kansas City, Jessie doesn't know where life will take them next. "We daydream about living out of the country." Jessie, fluent in Spanish, is a pescatarian and loves to cook. "I make a mean fish taco. I find a lot of my food is Mexican-inspired." She loves spicy food and even brings her own shaker of cayenne pepper on trips.

You can see more pictures of Jessie and find out exactly what she's wearing here.
Note: Jessie will be a future contributor on The Employee Lounge. We've talked to her about some fashion posts related to the service industry and are excited to be working with her!

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jessie said...

thanks so much for having me, gals! happy to be on the lounge. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of J. laughing! I'm from KC and pleased that I've found your blog.

Linh + Tina said...

Terri, we're glad you found us too! Isn't Jessie so cute in that picturing? And Jessie, we're happy to have you too!

Rich said...

The laughing photo is my favorite, too... as I just told Jessie 2 minutes ago here at our family reunion. :)

Andrea said...

Jessie's new blog can be found here, She posts the best outfit ideas, trend alerts and foodie recipes. Definitely a blog you can check in on regularly and be inspired!

Linh + Tina said...

Thanks Andrea, we updated all the links to direct to her new blog location.