Thursday, June 2

day off, drink on

A Day in the Life
A few weeks ago, The Employee Lounge followed Tannin Wine Bar's bartender/bar manager, Ryan R., on his day off. Just to see what his day was like and just to see if service industry people really live the good life like they always brag about. Conclusion: It ain't so bad. The following is a timeline of our day.

We meet Ryan at Tannin. He has a bit of work to do so we catch up on some blog stuff and order lunch. After checking inventory, he joins us at the bar for a sandwich, fries and a glass of rosĂ©. Massandra wine rep Andy H. stops in on business, we convince him to stop working and have a drink with us. Believe it or not, that was not hard to do.

Next stop: The Rieger for a Joseph Drouhin industry tasting and pre-sell. We skip the beautiful spread and focus on the 20-or-so Joseph Drouhin offerings. A lot of familiar faces are spotted: Brenda and Michael from The FarmhouseJim from Gomer's, Matt from Accurso's, Kyle from The Capital Grille, photographer Paul Ingold and of course, all the friendly faces of The Rieger staff. 

Work stuff is officially done. So it's off to Harry's Bar & Tables to meet friends Zach and Mary Ann for some bubbly. We sit inside with bartender Jamie while she preps lemons and limes for that night's shift. Ryan shows us the secret spot for notes, we giggle over the funny messages, a random coupon and one photo of a very-naked behind. The sun is shining and it's not too hot so we move out to the patio. Mary Ann arrives with ice cream cones from Murray's and everyone is double-fisting frozen treats and cocktails. We spot another wine rep. This time it's Craig from Pinnacle. "Hey, stop and have a drink with us." Done and done. Again, no arm twisting is required. Guinness is flowing and we squeeze in a couple of quick interviews for the blog.

Our final stop is The Foundry. We sneak in moments before happy hour is over and order apps and beer. We're sitting at a picnic table outside and a fat, adorable American Bulldog is tied up to the table next to us. Craig has continued on with us even though his wife is texting him to get. home. now. Tina's husband Chris joins us from Corporate America for a beer. Maryann orders a rootbeer float that looks divine, but we stick to our malt bevvies. Another wine rep comes strolling up. This time, it's my husband, George from Major Brands. We invite him up too, but he only stops to say hi. He is green with jealousy and a little pissy because he has to continue working. But hey, we were workingtoo! Following Ryan around town drinking is not an easy job. Okay, we're lying. It was easy AND it was loads of fun.

Zach, Maryann and Ryan take off. They are meeting more friends back at The Rieger for dinner. Two guys and four ladies....Ryan's odds are pretty good. He invites us along, but we decline. We call it a night while Ryan parties on. What a life indeed.

Note: You will see Ryan again soon in his own official post, complete with interview.