Thursday, March 31

michael f.

Michael F. | Chef/Owner
Years of Industry Service: 23
Cooking was a means to an end for Chef Michael. "I couldn't support myself snowboarding," he said. So he became a dishwasher at a restaurant in Aspen. Then one day the grill cook didn't show up and he became the grill cook. He's been cooking ever since. Michael has opened many restaurants before, but with The Farmhouse, it's all on him. If the restaurant doesn't make money, he doesn't make money. He didn't know enough to be scared when he opened his own restaurant saying, "I love it, but would I do it again the same way? Never in a million years." Recently married to the lovely Vira, Michael says after their courthouse marriage, "I took her home and went back to work." Oh, the life of a restaurateur. Their official wedding, which Michael calls their real wedding, will be in Laos later this year. For now, they're just newlyweds who are so sweet with each other, you can't help but feel the love between them.

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