Friday, March 25

orien b.

Orien B. | Server
Years of Industry Service: 27
Orien's start in the service industry began as a transition. Nearly three decades later, it's looking more like a career path but he'd rather be a musician, a photographer or both. We talked about the new performing arts center, his dazzling tie and one of the most memorable places he's ever lived: Port Townsend, Washington, a small town with a boat community, run by hippies and bikers. Having lived in many places (Hawaii, Oregon, Washington), he always finds something to like about where he lives. "I love the arts in Kansas City. I think KC has so much going for it." When asked what he does to escape at the end of the day, Orien responded, "Drink. Like everyone else."
We bow down to you, truth speaker.

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Michele said...

'he always finds something to like about where he lives' is something I've always done with places I've lived. Good policy. :-)

Anonymous said...

QWOT salutes you!