Tuesday, March 29

brian j.

Brian K. J. | Vice President
Years of Industry Service: 5
Brian was one of the hammiest, funniest people we've had the pleasure of interviewing so far. Between the hysterical laughter, we found out he was once part of the local but now "exploding" band, The Beautiful Bodies. But he had to quit because their 200 days-out-of-the-year touring schedule got in the way of him paying his mortgage. "It sucks, but I have responsibilities. I have committed to this job. I have a house, a mortgage, and a girlfriend." Brian is also the Wine Chair for the March of Dimes Wine Fest on May 26th at Union Station. No matter how much he posed and joked around, you're looking at a grown-up, responsible adult here. 

  Make KC Better » Mass Transit, Skyscrapers and a Downtown Baseball Stadium.  


Gaby said...

and he's a Royals fan and fantastic son!

Karla said...

A true Royals fan wears a T-shirt from 1985!! And he is the best brother ever! I'm so proud of him! Great article and pics Brian!