Tuesday, March 22


Welcome to the Employee Lounge, where we will be showcasing all the worker bees who make up this quirky, social group of people known as The Service Industry. We hope you enjoy getting to know the people who seat, serve, feed, entertain and clean up after us. A new face will be featured daily and everyone will be tasked with the same question: How would you make Kansas City better? 

Drop us an e-mail anytime. If you want us to come by for a visit. If you want to tell us how to improve. If you want to share your own suggestions for making Kansas City a better place to live.

Thank you and enjoy the show!
Linh + Tina


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I am in love with this project.
I think Reno could benifit from something like this- what a fun way to highlight all these people.

Linh + Tina said...

Thank you Vanessa! Maybe YOU can be the one to put a face to the Reno service industry. We appreciate the love so early on and are very, very excited about our project too.

Karen said...

Great idea, aMAZing pictures!!!

Michele said...

Just found your site after seeing pics posted of Arturo. Love the idea and pics. Great way to learn more about some of the Service Industry people in KC!