Tuesday, March 29

brenda n.

Brenda N. | Manager/Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 15ish
Brenda is one animated, vivacious personality. With her hands dancing, she talked about her double life in the service industry and as a massage therapist. They're different, but they both deal with people. So scheduling time off from both jobs at the same time is essential to keeping her sanity. As a downtown dweller, parking is the biggest obstacle for Brenda. She has to get up early every morning to move her car, like most urban dwellers in big cities. Aside from that, Brenda said, "I like everything else about this city. We've got great food and great art, great underground art, performance pieces. There are a lot of things people are missing out on, but I guess if everyone knew about it, it might not be so great anymore," she finished laughing.

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