Monday, March 28

david a.

David A. | Assistant Manager/Head Line Cook
Years of Industry Service: 6
Before David came onto the food industry scene, he was a dog walker. The two careers aren't that different, he said. "Both need to be fed, both get cranky if you don't feed them in a timely fashion and you get dirty at both jobs." How's that for keeping things in perspective?! Now that chef/owner Todd Schulte has moved on to start Genessee Royale Bistro, day-to-day operations at Happy Gillis are virtually the same because their lean and effective crew have everything down. See Todd, they don't need you. In all seriousness, David said that Todd prepared them well and that's why the transition has been so incredibly smooth. Before he came to work at Happy Gillis, David was a customer and he is amazed how one little sandwich place has changed a neighborhood.

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