Tuesday, May 10

andy h.

Andy H. | Manager/Wine Director
Years of Industry Service: 2 (this time around)
Andy is a man of many endeavors. During the day, he is an independent wine rep for a little company called Massandra. He is known as the Happy Wine Guy on his 5-year-old, wine-focused blog. These days, he is so busy, blogging has taken more of a back seat. And he's working on creating an extra, extra spicy Bloody Mary mix with his Belly Up bestie, Craig, whom he credits for his new career path. "It's his fault I quit my perfectly good job at Sprint." For years and years, Andy was a well-paid rat running through the corporate maze, but he wanted a change. After winning salesman of the year at Sprint in 2008, he went on vacation, came back and quit.

Last but not least, Andy runs a wine bar in......Bonner Springs (not a typo). The bar is named Bottle 12 because they have 12 wines by the glass, served from one of those fancy wine dispensing systems that allow customers to have a lot of variety while keeping the wines fresh. Andy picks the first 11 bottles and the customers choose the 12th bottle. Andy has built a following at Bottle 12 through wine classes, tastings and a lot of special events. "No one believes there's a cool, little wine bar in Bonner Springs," he says. Stop by and see Andy if you happen to be rolling through Bonner on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Andy was working his day gig as a wine rep when we ran into him at Tannin Wine Bar.

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