Sunday, May 29

rainy day walkabout

Although the temperature is hovering around 90°F and sunny today (32°C for our international readers), for most of yesterday, Kansas City was covered in a mist of rain and fog. With some rain gear on, the cooler weather provided a perfect opportunity to set off for a walkabout down Southwest Boulevard and almost all the way downtown. The best way to get to know any city is by walking or biking through it. When you live in said city, it's easy to forget that walking is an option, especially in sprawled out KC where driving is much easier and more convenient. Walking makes you really look at all the wonderful little treasures our city has to offer. Even if you don't get to explore regularly, we highly recommend hoofing it through the city whenever you can. And don't forget to take your camera and act like a tourist!

Miller High Life advertisement painted on Royal Liquors building.
This picture is for our friend Tim, Kansas City's unofficial High Life ambassador.
A metal horse and rider found above a sheet metal company by Shutte Lumber.
The view from 17th and Baltimore where half the buildings were shrouded in fog.
A super busty mannequin at a new fashion boutique on the Boulevard.
I'm no expert but she had to have been at least a 38D(D).
Condom filled with cigarette butts on Baltimore.
We guess that pretty much tells the whole story.
Martin Luther King, Jr., found in the window of YJ's on 18th Street.
This is the best doorway to the most oddly shaped building, narrow at the
entrance and widening toward the back, the building attaches to some garages.
Station RAC Auto Sales is sandwiched between a fleet of trucks and
Jesse's Bar on Southwest Boulevard
There are a slew of vintage cars along the Boulevard. Some are broken shells
waiting for new life, some are fixed up and locked up tight behind chain link fences,
and some are on the road, rolling down the street like it was the mid 1900s. 
Photos by Linh Trieu