Monday, May 2

emily w.

Emily W. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 13
Emily has a distinctive raspiness to her voice, one that makes you go, I think I know her. She used to work at Rancho Grande but after getting a tip from her Budweiser rep about an opening at Gilhouly's, she applied with her name and number on a sticky note. "That's how high class this place is." After six years at Gilhouly's, Emily has seniority and the schedule to prove it, 2 night shifts, 2 day shifts and Saturday, Sunday and Mondays off. Which is perfect since she likes to go out of town a lot. Emily says that although the day and night crowd at the bar are totally different, Gilhouly's has quite a colorful cast of regulars regardless of the time of day.

***Special Note***
The last picture is a snapshot of Gilhouly's from years ago that Emily shared with us.
Now a favorite neighborhood dive bar, Gilhouly's was once a pharmacy.

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