Thursday, May 26

cara y.

Cara Y. | Server
Years of Industry Service: 8
Cara is an anomaly in the service industry. Besides the occasional glass of wine, she tries not to drink too much. Serving is a transition for her at the moment. She was in marketing, but still, out of all the jobs she's had, Trio has been the best. Although Cara thinks Kansas City is fantastic, having lived in Colorado for a while, she wouldn't mind having some mountains as part of the landscape.

  Make KC Better » Add more outdoors stuff. I want to hike. I want trails. 


Faith said...

I met Cara through my hairdresser, and specifically sat in her section on my first visit to Cafe Trio about a year and a half ago...she's awesome! I've loved all the servers at Cafe Trio, but she was a favorite from the beginning...

Faith said...

Correction: I met Cara through another friend of mine who is also a server (Nicki - she's at The Tavern now, but we've known her from her Blue Moose days...). Just remembered that after I posted my previous comment! Whoops!