Monday, May 16

britton k.

Britton K. | Owner
Service Industry Detour
Britton lives down the hill from 39th Street and opened up his own bike shop in his Volker neighborhood three years ago. He likes being part of a community and not part of "strip mall next to a highway." Last May he situated his second shop in another tight-knit community in the Crossroads. Britton says the bike business is a weather-driven economy. "It takes three days of consistently good weather for people to come in and buy stuff." In the winter, when good weather often seems like it's never going to return, Britton builds wheels and preps bikes for high-end clientele who like to have their wheels ready to go when the weather turns. Volker Bicycles is a sponsor of the Colavita Parisi racing team. Britton has twice-weekly group rides. Click here to join Britton for a spin around town.

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