Friday, May 20

zach w.

Zach W. | Server/Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 11
Zach started his service industry career at 75th Street Brewery as a host. Bartending jobs are not easy to come by, especially without much experience, but through hard work and a little bit of luck, he eventually landed behind the bar. Since his early days of pouring locally crafted beers, Zach has expanded his knowledge and experience of the liquor business with every job, one of which was at Maple Creek Winery in Yorkville Highlands, California, just outside of Anderson Valley. For eight months, he took every step in the wine making process from working the tasting room and cellar, racking wine and cleaning barrels to pressing juice, punchdown and even blending. A mistake he made blending led to a Gold Medal at the Mendocino County Fair. Zach said, "It was an invaluable experience and a beautiful place to live."

During Manifesto's first run before their unfortunate hiatus, Zach worked alongside older brother and bestie Beau, shaking and stirring up classic craft cocktails. Although Zach made the cocktails just as well as Beau, customers kept asking for his big brother. Oh, such is the life of the younger brother. "I let Beau deal with the glitz and the glamour. I just put my nose down and make the money." Zach and Beau have not had a physical altercation since they were thirteen-years-old. "We're best friends," he says. "Besties. Tots besties." Awwwwwww. That is just the sweetest.
Zach is enjoying an ice cream cone from Murray's,
a surprise afternoon treat from girlfriend Mary Ann

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