Friday, May 27

food story

Prairie Village, Kansas
Here's a peek at the newly opened Story. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch there this afternoon and got a chance to see our friend Sloane (formerly of Le Fou Frog) at work. She is the General Manager and we are so proud of her and the great new job! The space was a stark black and white, very modern and a bit bare, but Sloane said black and white landscape photography will be on the walls soon. It did feel a bit like sitting in a contemporary art museum. The china, glassware and silverware were elegant and sophisticated, a nice canvas for the beautiful and delicious food created by chef/proprietor Carl Thorne-Thomsen

the menu, printed on a textured paper, was easy
to read and had a nice, clean design
a sweet little two-top right by the front door
rhubarb sorbet, part of a trio
along with honey and strawberry, $6
smoked duck empanadas, $9
avocado puree, black beans, jicama
ceviche, $12
North Atlantic fluke, pine nuts, celery, cilantro 
pork burger, $9
burger, confit, bacon, braised chard, ricotta cheese, bbq suace
their elegant glassware and flowers
story logo, the kerning drives me a little batty,
and yes, we have to call them out on it
Full disclosure: Sloane bought us dessert and we are not ashamed
to say that we took full advantage of her and ordered three.
Photos by Linh Trieu....Tina will be back soon!