Thursday, May 26

secret wine garden

In a hidden pocket alley down in the River Market, there is an intimate, new haven for wine drinkers. To get there, you must enter through the two front doors of Cellar & Loft, down the stairs, through their dishwashing area and through two more doors. It's a long, narrow space with light streaming from the sky at the top of the buildings. Black and white striped umbrellas give the alley a European bistro feel. We think this would be the perfect venue for an intimate party or a lazy afternoon of reading and relaxing in a secret getaway. photos by Linh Trieu


Carrie said...

Oh, I want to relax in a place like this. Just the path to get here sounds romantically inviting.

Carrie Stanley

Jarrod Finn said...

The "Little Italy" patio is the best place in the River Market to enjoy a glass of wine. Where else can you go to a secret patio and get away from it all?